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Cal’s, in business since 1962, has been a Southern Californian haven for the amateur and professional photographer for almost forty years. The store’s line of 35mm, Medium and Large format cameras is extensive, backed by service and support that is second to none. Many manufacturers consider Cal’s to be their flagship dealer in the area and so support the store with dealer demos, camera clinics, and extended warranties that ultimately benefit the customer. Whether in the market for an inexpensive vacation camera, a hobbyist’s dream camera, or a professional’s daily tool of the trade, one will find their camera of choice at Cal’s. And in the process of that purchase, will be guided by a sales professional through the maze of jargon, specifications, and features to see the real world applications and solutions in a clear light.

It is the challenge of the 21st Century store to offer service, education, and fair price. In a world where at times it seems impossible to have all three, Cal’s has succeeded in providing the customer a comprehensive package; one that educates the buyer before the sale, often times resulting in the purchase of a less expensive product than was imagined, offering a fair and competitive price, and supporting that purchase with after sale information and instruction. Cal’s has an industry-low average of returns because it is important to LISTEN to the needs of the customer. Cal’s gets it right the first time.

Ever try and buy an accessory for a camera? Most dealers are happy to sell you a camera, but can’t be bothered with all the odds and ends. Cal’s has prided itself on carrying most EVERY accessory a manufacturer provides for a product, both new and old. The store’s inventory of those hard to get accessories is enormous, and if Cal’s is out, it’s because the manufacturer is out. But special orders don’t upset us! We are happy to order any part or accessory that you are looking for. We are computerized for efficiency and tracking and dedicate an individual for monitoring those orders.

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